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Version History

Version 2.01

  • Added e (Rabbit) to other pets section.
  • Added y (Farm animal) to other pets section.

Version 2

  • Corrected several spelling and grammar errors
  • Added T-- (This rat doesn't like other rats) to temperament section
  • Added information on how to indicate which clubs you are a member of in the clubs section
  • Added (HK - Husky) to marked section
  • Added (i - insect or arachnid) to other pets section

Version 1b

  • Added !re to religion section
  • Added section 2b (Breeders or people with more than 6 rats)

Version 0.9

  • Removed computers, internet, housing and relationships by popular request
  • Added Essex and Dalmatian (ES, DA) to marked varieties section

Version 0.8

  • Reformatted the HTML version, used tables to make the categories easier to follow and less cluttered.
  • Added religion (re) category to personal section

Version 0.7

  • Added information on how to indicate colour of marked rat varieties
  • Added Platinum (PL) to Selfs section
  • Added Chinchilla (CH) to other varieties section
  • Added odd-eyed (Vo) to Variety modifiers section
  • Added Other (OH) to marked Varieties section
  • Corrected duplicated codes (CP) in variety section

Version 0.7b

  • Added sexuality codes to the Sex section and added examples (zB,S,G,U)
  • Corrected mistake in the origin section
  • Added S+ (This rat has been shown in the pet class (And achieved a result of some kind)) to the Shows section
  • Added Russian and American blue (RB, AB) to the selfs section
  • Added the s (Not R. Norvegicus) in the variety section

Version 0.6b

  • Added version history section to the text version of the code

Since Version 0.1 (Original version, not by me)

  • Added individual rats section.
  • Added categories to Personal section (Computers, Education, Housing, Internet, Relationships and Sex).
  • Updated layout so the RC now covers 3 separate sections, and looks a lot neater.

27 April, 2006