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This is a page dedicated to the people who suggested that I update the Rat Code, and told me it was a good idea when I mentioned it. To everyone who helped by giving suggestions and such.

Now as it's been 5 years almost since I last updated this website I cannot remember everybodys names, but I can remember where I knew them from.

Firstly everybody who was a member of my eGroups(now Yahoo! groups) Rodents and NFRS (Now defunct)

Everybody on the alt.pets.rodents and alt.pets.rodents.rats Usenet groups.

Sue Brown of The Pendragon Rattery who I remember most fondly.

Colin Arundel who is a founder member of the Yorkshire Rat Club and has given me many lifts home from shows.

All of my rats for giving me so much happiness and being such lovely pets.

Anyone else who I may have passed on the way and not mentioned already.

Finally everybody who visits this site and uses the Rat Code, without you there would be no point me even trying.


Also special thanks must go to the original creator of the rat code, without them I wouldn't have even known about it. The original link is here, but it's been dead for years. If you wish to see the original code I archived it a long time ago, so here it is in original format.

2 May, 2005