The Rat Code

Version 1b
ratcode @


* Operators

* Section 1 - Genaral Rat related stuff

+ B - Breeding
+ C - Clubs
+ D - Diet
+ F - Freedom
+ S - Shows

* Section 2 - Stuff for individual rats

+ Brief Overview
+ S - Sex
+ A - Age
+ V - Variety
+ S - Shows
+ O - Origin

* Section 3 - Personal details

+ oc - Occupation
+ re - Religion
+ a - Age
+ e - Education
+ n - Rat nut factor
+ p - Other pets

* Examples

* Usage

* Contact


Use these operators are used when one rating does not fit you or if you are sometimes one rating, but sometimes another, or to indicate other areas of undecidedness.

@ For this operator said trait is not very rigid, may change with time or with individual moods and interactionbut sometimes change their feeding patterns they would use D++@)

( ) for indicating ranges between 2 different codes (e.g. For breeders who own a rattery but think than certain types of breeding is morally wrong they would use B+(!B) This is different to @ in that it is specific to 2 different codes, wheras @ covers the whole range.

> for 'wannabes'. Indicating that while someone is currently at one rating, but wants to reach another rating (be it up or down). (e.g. For someone who is a member of a rat club, but wants to join others they would use C>C+

$ Indicates that in this perticular category the person makes money out of, it does not have to be their main job. (e.g. Someone who sells a few rats from their litters would use B$

? Unless specified within a category a ? is used to indicate no knowlege of a category. (e.g. Someone who has never heard of the Internet wolud use i?)

! Unless specified in the category description the ! placed before the category letter indicates that the person wants nothing to do with the category. (e.g. If a person wants nothing to do with rat clubs they wolud use !C) This is unlike ? in that this indicates refusal to participate wheras ? indicates lack of knowlege, it is also unlike # in that # signifies that the person doesn't want indicate his/her point of view.

# This operator unless otnherwise stated in the category description signifies that the person doesn't want to give any information about the subject. (e.g. A Male who doesn't want people to know about his sex life would use y#). (e.g. For owners who feed their rats almost everything,

Section 1 - General Rat Related Stuff

The first part of the Rat Code follows the format below:

RC(1b) <num males>m<num females>f<num bridge>r <codes> <codes> ...

e.g. Somebody who has 2 male rats 1 female and 7 rats who have died they would use 2m1f7r

The ratcode always starts with RC(version number) followed by the number of rats. If you have no rats and never have then use the code !RC(version number)

B - Breeding

B++ I personally supply my Town/County/Province/State/Country with rats
B+ I own/operate a recognised rattery
B I've bred a few litters out of curiosity
B- I've ended up with a litter or two by accident
B-- My rats don't know about the opposite sex
!B Breeding is evil
B? What is breeding


C - Clubs

C+++ I belong to every club I can find and have started my own!
C++ I belong to three or more clubs
C+ I belong to a few clubs
C I am in one club
C- I was in a club but my membership expired
C-- I always meant to join one
C? There are rat clubs?


D - Diet

D+++ My rats make me order a pizza every night
D++ They get all kinds of goodies - what I eat, they eat
D+ My rats get a basic diet and treats every day
D My rats get a basic diet and treats once in a while
D- Lab blacks. Nothing else
D-- I feed them hamster food
D--- Oops! I forgot to feed them yesterday!
D? Nobody told me they needed feeding


F - Freedom

F++ I don't even own a cage, my rats are free to go everywhere
F+ I have a rat-proofed room that belongs to my rats
F My rats come out to play whenever I can supervise
F- The rats are allowed out on my bed/table/counter/etc a few hours a day
F-- I never take my rats out of their cage
!F My rats are kept in shoeboxes
F? I can't find my rats


S - Shows

S+++ I've been to lots of shows and organised at least one
S++ I go to shows regularly and help out occasionally
S+ I've been to several. When's the next one?
S I've been to one
S- I've never been to one, but I will one day
S-- Shows don't interest me
S? There are rat shows?
!S There's never been one in my neck of the woods

Section 2 - Individual Rats

Here is the main new part of the Rat code, where you discuss in relative detail your individual rats, this... may just come to be a problem for people with lots of rats, if it is, then maybe I will have to do something different.

<First section of the Rat Code> {Enclose individual rat data in curly brackets} {Like this}

e.g. RC(1b) 2f2r B-- C D++ F S! {<Rat 1 name> <codes> <codes>} {<Rat 2 name><codes> <codes>} ...

S - Sex

Sm Male rat
Sf Female rat


A - Age

A+++ 36 months or greater
A++ 30 - 36 months
A+ 24 - 30 months
A 18 - 24 months
A- 12 - 18 months
A-- 6 - 12 months
A--- less than 6 months
!A Can't be bothered to update every rat every 6 months or so
A? I don't know for sure


V- Variety

This code shows the colour variety and body shape/type of your rat, now some rat societies or owners use different names for the varieties than I use here, if that is the case, it's only a matter of finding the equivalent variety that your society or you personally use.

Use the below modifiers to show the body shape and format your rats have (e.g. If you have a normal rat then you would use 'Vn' or a dumbo rat then you would use 'Vd')

n Regular furry rattie
r Rex rattie
o Odd-eyed ;)
d Dumbo rattie
h Hairless rattie
t Tailless rattie
s Not R. Norvegicus

You can use a combination of the above modifiers, say if you have a hairless, dumbo tailless (Genetically impossible) you would put 'Vdht' followed by nothing, as the below codes are all for hair colour varieties.


PEW Pink eyed white
BEW Black eyed white
BL Black
MK Mink
CK Chocolate
BU Blue
AB American Blue
RB Russian Blue
PA Platinum
CM Champagne
BF Buff
OT Other


BS Berkshire
IR Irish
ES Essex
BZ Blazed
HD Hooded
CA Capped
VG Variegated
DA Dalmatian
OH Other


SL Basic Silver
SF Silver Fawn
SG Silver Grey


AG Agouti
CI Cinnamon
HI Himalayan
CH Chinchilla
SI Siamese
CP Cinnamon Pearl
PL Pearl
TP Topaz
BA Blue Agouti
LY Lilac Agouti

Place these codes on the end of your existing Variety code (e.g. For a normal pink eyed white you would use VnPEW or for a tailless Berkshire use VtBS, or for the entirely theoretical and quite impossible self blue dumbo tailless hairless rex use VrdhtBU ^_^)
If you have a marked rat you can specify it's colour by first putting the variety code as normal Vn (or Vd Vr whatever) then the marking code (Capped) CA then a / then the colour (American Blue) AB thus making VnCA/AB.
If you have lets say a normal self coloured rat with ticking use VnBZ/AB/AG A Blazed American Blue with ticking.


S - Shows

S+++ This rat has won one or more times at a show
S++ This rat has been runner up one or more times at a show
S+ This rat has been shown in the pet class (And achieved a result of some kind)
S This rat has been shown, but never achieved anything
S- This rat has attended a show as a pocket or shoulder rat, but not shown
S-- This rat has never attended a show
S--- This rat has never been out of the house


T - Temperament

T+++ This rat could charm the balls off of a dead penguin
T++ This rat is more human than most politicians
T+ This rat is dead cool
T This rat is friendly
T- This rat doesn't really like humans
T-- This rat cowers in his/her cage
T--- This rat bites me all of the time


O - Origin

Use this code to show where you got your rat from. This code is followed by one of the below modifiers. (e.g. If you found this rat in your garage use Ow or if you bred this rat yourself use Oh)

h Home bred
ra Rattery
b Breeder
p Pet shop
re Rescue centre (RSPCA, ASPCA, Rodent rescue)
w It's an escaped/wild rat!


If you bred this rat yourself or bought it from a breeder or rattery or you otherwise know the animals parentage then you can put in brackets [father/mother] the parents names. (e.g. If your rattery rat has parents called Sally and Frank use Ora[Frank/Sally] or if your pet shop rat's mother is called Diane but father unknown then use Op[?/Diane]

Section 3 - Personal Details

oc - Occupation

ocA Art
ocBM Business/management
ocCI Construction industry
ocCT Computers/IT
ocE Engineering
ocET Education/Training
ocF Farming
ocFB Finance/Banking
ocGP Government/public service
ocL Law
ocLW Literature/writing
ocMA Military/armed forces
ocMC Media/Communications
ocMH Medicine
ocRB Retail
ocS Science
ocTH Theatre
ocTI Transport industry
ocVM Veterinary medicine
ocAT Jack of all trades
ocU Undecided (Students/Children/ETC)
!oc Unemployed

If you employed in multiple fields, or if your job covers more than one field then use / to seperate the 2 fields. (e.g. For a lawyer who also lectures in law use ocL/ET)


re - Religion

reA Atheist/Agnostic
reB Buddhist
reC Christian denomination
reD Discordian
reH Hindu
reHU Humanist
reI Islam
reJ Jehovahs Witness
reJU Judaism
reK Kibology
reN New Age
reP Pagan
reQ Quaker
reS Scientology
reSK Sikhism
reU Unitarian
re? I'm not sure


s - Sex

sM Male
sF Female
sU Undisclosed


a - Age

a++++ 60+ years
a+++ 50 - 59 years
a++ 40 - 49 years
a+ 30 - 39 years
a 20 - 29 years
a- 10 - 19 years
a-- Under 10 years
a# Undisclosed

You may also instead of using the +'s and -'s use your exact age. (e.g. If you are 50 use a50 instead of a+++)


e - Education

e++++ Got my <Insert fancy collection of letters here>
e+++ Managed to get a University to take me
e++ Finished College
e+ Haven't finished college
e Finished high school
e- Haven't finished high school
e-- Haven't started high school
!e I learned all I need to know from the "Hitchhiker Trilogy"
e? School? Is that where all those kids used to go at 9 in the morning?


n - Rat nut factor

n++++ I am a rat
n+++ My car is called the Ratmobile, my number plate is 1 L0v5 Ra75 and my nickname is Ratty
n++ Almost everything I own has a rat on it
n+ I have a lot of ratty related stuff
n I own some rat things
n- I have a single rat poster/calendar/mug
n-- I have no ratty stuff
!n I don't like rats!


p - Other pets

If you have more pets than your ratties they use this code to indicate what you have.

Start with p after the p put down the number of each type of pet followed by one of the codes below. (e.g. Someone who has a cat and a mouse would use p1c1r)

d Dog
c Cat
f Fish
l Lizard
s Snake
a Amphibian
b Bird
t Ferret
r Another type of rodent

If you have no other pets use the code !p


My code is as follows:

RC(1b) 2f2r B-- C D++ F S! {SCSI Sf A-- VnBS/BL S-- T+ Op}
{IDE Sf A-- VnHD S-- T Op} ocU reP sM a- e++ n++++ p1c1r

As with the Geek Code I think it would be nice to arrange it in a standard manner, like below:

~~~(---)8> RatCode <8(---)~~~
RC(1b) 2f2r B-- C D++ F S! {SCSI Sf A-- VnBS/BL S-- T+ Op}
{IDE Sf A-- VnHD S-- T Op} ocU reP sM a- e++ n++++ p1c1r
~~~(---)8> RatCode <8(---)~~~


Now all that is left is to put this in your email and news .signature file and hey presto, every time you post a message or send an email, fellow rat lovers who happen to be looking at your message will instantly know about you and your pets.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, please mail them to ratcode @ or post them to the Yahoo eGroups group Rodents or if you are an NFRS member NFRS @

Thanks for looking